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Lovers of Chinese will adore Local Friends. Local Friends gives you an authentic selection of Chinese. Our menu has something for everyone, from the warm starters to cold desserts. Be sure to check out our range of mouth-watering specials and meal deals.

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28 North End Road
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  • The Ma Po Tofu was bettwr thn ever. Green beans not as well seasoned as normal, buy great anyway! Local friends is great and authentic


  • I love this place and normally it's all top notch. thi time however, the ma po tofu wasn't as flavoursome as usual, it wasn't as much szechuan pepper and chili bean paste flavour as normal, and the sauce had way too much cornstarch. the tofu and dry fried green beans were great though!


  • My ho fun noodles in black bean chili souse were amazing plus really good hot and sour soup, which unfortunately is not easy to find in London. We are about to reorder it :D


  • Good food as always


  • Food was very disappointing. I was over excited when I found out there was a local Hunanese restaurant nearby. After living in China for 10 years, I needed my hunan fix and thought this would be the place. Oh how wrong I was... The hot and sour potatoes were soft and lame ( there should be a slight crunch to them), the lamb tasted like it died in the plastic container, and the fish, the fish which I paid £18 for was dry as hell ( how can it be dry when it's soaked in a sauce...), tasted and felt like it was frozen for months before being thrown in the sauce it came in. The only thing that was edible was the noodles. This is NOT a hunanese restaurant. I wouldn't even go here for your average chinese food ( sweet and sour chicken, egg fried rice, etc) I can cook better than this place and I'm a s**ty cook. We ordered on a Saturday night, busiest night so the ( very) delayed delivery was fine, but s**t food? No excuse. We will not be ordering again.


  • Thought it would be Hunanese food based in positive reviews, but was flavourless, watery and undistinguished.


  • Order arrived late without one dish and another dish incorrect. Called restaurant who said it wasn't their problem. Dishes that did arrive were awful. Avoid this restaurant.


  • The mixed vegetable was delicious with fresh and crunchy vegetables not to mention the Chinese mushrooms! The fried noodles were right on the spot too. Well done.


  • This was a real disappointment, our usual Chinese is temporarily closed so I thought I would try another place. Big mistake, the food was practically inedible. I still felt greasy when I woke up the following morning.


  • The food arrived quickly and the driver was very friendly but many items were wrong or not as they should be. I do not recommend.


  • Good chinese food. The sweetcorn soup & sweet and sour chicked is fabulous. Love to order from here


  • lovely food it was all gone, also pleasant surprise that a christmas card was written to us all aswell :) will be ordering again


  • Im really disapointened i just received my food and it smell like its not fresh at all like old rice! I spend £30 for food we prefer not eat to not be sick! The food colour weid too!


  • Very nice


  • They got my order wrong and so the food had to be redelivered. In addition, the quality of food was not great.